Absolutely no hidden fees 

Stop creditor calls

Stop garnishments

Stop lawsuits

Stop bank account freezes

file bankruptcy free today

$0 Down Payment 

100% Expert Counsel

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


When you can't wait 12 months to make payments on legal fees at other law offices

 W. Huff Law can be retained for your Chapter 7 bankruptcy with absolutely $0 down. 

Fees to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court ($335 for Chapter 7) must be paid before your petition is filed. 

This is not an offer for pro bono services.

Must be employed and have a valid checking account for the $0 down payment plan. 

Contact us for details. Not every applicant will qualify.

Couple in debt

Life got a little messy.  We're relieved that we hired  W. Huff Law so that we didn't have to put all of our dreams on hold. 

We could've lost our home, our cars, and all of our savings if we had gotten stuck on a payment plan at one of those other law firms.  No thanks. 


W. Huff Law filed us in 30 days just like they told us!

Thanks for being honest experts.  This just changed our lives. 

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"Since many people who need bankruptcy protection don't have money laying around, I realized I needed to change my practice to fit my client's circumstances.  This is why I offer a $0 Down Bankruptcy.  Call me to hear what WHuffLaw can do for you. "